Daily Inspiration: June 24, 2013


What is on your agenda for today? How many errands are you running for others? Have you forgotten anyone? Don’t forget you need to put “You” on your list.   “You” need to have a “Me” day once a week. It really doesn’t matter what you do as long as it’s just for “You” – because “You” matter too. God called you to be like Jesus – not to become Him. Don’t worry – it’s o.k.  It’s fair.  It’s in God’s will to love on yourself. So give yourself permission to be a part of who you care for. “You” have earned it and “You” deserve it. Now just do it.



About Shea Morgan

A digital strategist, consultant, marketer, researcher and customer advocate with an entrepreneurial passion who leverages innovative thinking to champion the experience.
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