Who is Shea Morgan?

I became a Christian when I was 20. As a spiritual woman who is passionate about Christ, I’m always keeping my eyes open to the many gifts The Lord brings into my life. In 2011, I suffered a terrible divorce that left me broken and in much pain. During this time, I was blessed with meeting a family who uplifted my spirits and reminded me of the beauty of life. It only seemed natural to carry forward the ‘words’ from an amazing woman, Donna Greene. I’m fortunate to have met her, for my family and each day The Lord blesses me to share in his work.

Who is Donna Greene?

Donna Greene, also known locally as “Momma Donna”, is an anointed woman of God who had dedicated her life to the uplifting of Jesus Christ thru her untiring work in outreach ministry. Adopting the scripture [referenced in Phil 4:13], “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me”, she lends her services to support other ministries. Her support is also given to the community as a founding member of “Beat the Streets – A community response program”, The Nursing Home Ministry and Jail Ministry. She has been a walking testimony to everyone she encounters.

As a widow, “Momma Donna” has raised five beautiful children: LaRoyce and Clarissa (twins), Ambria, Colivian and Taylor, all very active members of GCBC (Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church in Dallas). Her love for God and his work has kept her pressing toward the mark of the high calling.




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  1. This is quite an inspiring story, thank you for sharing.

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